Below are the learning intentions we have for the children in the Main House (3 and 4 year olds) and the Garden room (2 and 3 year olds). Obviously we are guided by the children's needs and interests so this may change, especially if the children have particularly enjoyed an activity or have changed the direction of our planning. We have daily sheets up on display in the 2 rooms, which show what activities have been on offer each day.

Little Orchard Planning for the Garden Room

Planning is available for parents to see by the entrance into the garden room. We follow the children's interests as much as possible.

Little Orchard Planning for the Main Room

Planning is on display for parents to see just inside the front door to the main room, in the snack area. There are learning intentions and photographs on the wall in the snack room. Parents can see what the children have been doing and we encourage conversation about what has been happening at Pre School. We encourage parents to contribute their ideas or for parents to encourage children to share what they have been learning at home.